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- 10 CPM
- 8, 12, 16 and 19 Oz. cans / Standard LOE 202
-Sleek Kit is available
- 110 v Standard (220 Euro special order)
- NANO Counter-top
- 56 LBS
- 12" Deep x 27" Long, 28" Tall
- ATOMIC $18,000
This machine is geared toward the Nano Brewery who would lilk a low D.O., affordable, canning option for to-go packaging.  Cans are manually loaded to the feed chute and drop to a rinse bucket when complete.  For stands, conveyors and more info, see our PDF quote package (see "Buy Now" section below.)

- 24 CPM
- 8, 12, 16 and 19 Oz. cans / Standard LOE 202
- 110 v Standard (220 Euro special order)
- Compact and mobile
- FLEX $45,500
- Base $1,975
- Auto In-Feed with Rinse $11,975
- Optional Sleek Can Kit $1,875
- Optional Slim Can Kit $5,950
- Optional Ionized Air Kit $2,100

- 30 CPM
- 8, 12, 16 and 19 Oz. cans / Standard LOE 202
- 110 v Standard (220 Euro special order)
- Compact and mobile
- CRAFT $59,700
- Auto In-Feed with Rinse $11,975
- Optional Sleek Can Kit $1,875
- Optional Slim Can Kit $5,950
- Optional Ionized Air Kit $2,100

- 60 CPM
- 8, 12, 16 and 19 Oz. cans / Standard LOE 202
- 110 v Standard (220 Euro special order)
- Compact and mobile
- MAX $108,000
- MAX In-Feed with Rinse $11,975
- Optional Sleek Can Kit Included
- Optional Slim Can Kit $5,950
- Ionized Air Kit Included

MC PKT 1500
- 60 CPM Maximum Speed
- 8, 12, and 16 Oz. cans / Standard
- 110 v Standard (220 Euro special order)
- Compact and mobile
- Pack Tech Applicator $15,975
- (Standard cans only / No Sleek - Slim)


Candemic Advice

With the Covid 19 pandemic we have a Nation of over consuming day drinkers. This is good news for the brewer who can find cans.

In the begining suppliers were pulling cans from suppliers in Mexico. These were great cans and for the most part matched the cans originally sourced in the United States with the exception of the lower diameter. We developed a new Universal Lift Puck to answer this.

Once Mexico ran out of cans and lids (Ends), they began importing from China, Hungary and South Korea. We have found simple work arounds for all cans encountered to date. This is a problem that will continue to arrise until the two new can production plants are opened in the United States. The projected date, per the rumor mill, is second quarter of 2021.

When you order your machine, we ask that you send 100 product samples with your order so we can set your machine up properly and inform you of the product you actually have, not what your supplier told you you were getting :-)

Brite Cans
Del Goins
Director of Canning Services

Printed Cans
Ball Sandy Ademan
Phone: 303 460 5853

Crown Cliff Waddington
Phone: 215 698 5100

ARDAGH (was Rexam) Joseph Montroy
Phone: 773-399-3360

Decorated Shrink Sleeve Suppliers

Verst Peter Parker
Phone: 502-303-1086

Mossberg Valerie Anderson
Phone: 800-428-3340

Tripak Travis Linz
Phone: 866 900 1255

Beer City Glass Dough Lautenbach
Phone: 616 482 0024

Augusta Label Brian Ormiston
Phone: 630-962-9994



- CO2 purge / fill head
- Independent can level control for accurate fills
- Under cap CO2
- Nord IP65 motors with VFD control
- 6" Color operator interface.
- Final rinse tunnel with air blow off
- Built in leveling jacks for easy placement
- Set-up time is quicker and easier than competitor machines
-Easily stored when not in use
- All seam seat-up dimensions are found on an HMI screen
- Easy clean in place
- 110v power is needed (Euro version is 220v)
- Clean dry compressed air is needed
- 2.7 Parts Co2 max for beer
- 3.25 Parts Co2 max for soda
- All purchased parts ship in 24 hours with exception of tooling, motors and indexer
- Form tooling is approx. 1 week lead time - LOE202 ends are standard
- Training sessions can be quoted
- Free training video
- Free video tech calls
- One year warranty on parts

Facility Requirements

- Beer supply line (3/4") to filler manifold using a 1 1/2" tri-clamp fitting with enough length to reach from tanks to can line area
- 15 - 20 P.S.I head pressure in bright tank
- Bright tank product should be capable of 35 degrees F
Co2 content, when measured with a Zahm, not to exceed 2.7 (or you will run slowly). Higher IBU beers at high gravity with high Co2 can prove to run much slower than a low Co2 product. COLD product is critical for speed
- Cleaned and dried compressed air at 80 P.S.I. with quick disconnect and enough hose to reach the can line. 6 SFCM @ 90 PSI
- Co2 at 8 - 9 P.S.I. with quick disconnect and enough hose to reach the can line
- 110v 20 amp GFCI (must be rated for V.F.D. and may be a special item in your area. An electrical motor controls expert should be contacted and contracted for installation).
- City or well water supplied with a potable water style hose for pre-rinse and final rinse with enough hose to reach the can line
- It is best to have any fans turned off and doors shut to prevent wind from removing any Co2 used to purge cans
- A mechanically inclined operator who is proficient with a set of wrenches and understands how to read calipers
-The customer is to be fully responsible for seam adjustment and quality of the seams. Contact your can supplier for PDF/Specifications that match your cans. The dimensions on the HMI are for reference only.

To the best of our knowledge, Microcanner is the only system to monitor independent can fill levels and be able to digitally adjust them on the fly. We have a very unique valve system that allows for 20- 30 PPB disolved oxygen pick up from tank while filling with minimum waste. Low fills are almost unheard of on our machines following the initial set-up run.

Double seam tooling is easy to adjust, extremley robust and will run and run.

Change over from can size to can size takes only minutes for one operator.

Microcanner stands alone in the markert space when it comes to service and support. Our video / virtual training is provided FREE of charge. Video tech calls are also FREE and prompt. If you have a problem, one of our Techs will get on the phone and help you imediatley.......Even if you bought your machine on the used market and we have never spoken before!

Long after your warranty is up, you will be able to buy replacement parts at our costs. We connect you directly to the source. Almost every part on our machine is sourced from McMaster-Carr or Automation Direct. Parts are usually available within 24 hours. Parts not found there, can be purchased directly from us. We stock everything you will need to make a repair.

These machines are over built and extremely simple to maintain / repair. Our website has links to the part you need along with an accompanying video showing how to do the part change.

We don't see any reason why you should be marked up almost 1,000 percent on a commonly available part. Nor should you have to pay thousands of dollars for a technitian to make a house call weeks after a problem. We will get you up and running quickly and affordably. In most cases, its a matter of minutes. Machines ship with spare parts.

Buy Now

Buy Now


Tina will ask you for bill to, ship to addresses, contact information and how you heard about us. She will then prepare a 20% down deposit invoice for you. You can either mail or wire transfer your deposit. If you would like to wire, please ask Tina for that information. Note that ATOMIC requires a $7,000 deposit.

Tina Vriesenga
(616) 901 8551

If you have questions:

Feel free to call Todd any time with questions.

Todd Vriesenga
(616) 745 6623

Machines are delivered in the order deposits come in. We typically can get a machine to you within 4 - 6 weeks of deposit. Due to the candemic that date sometimes shifts to 6 - 9 weeks from deposit.

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Microcanner, LLC (Shipping)
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Todd Vriesenga
Phone: (616) 745 6623

Tina Vriesenga
Phone: (616) 901 8551

For Parts and Service Info:

Jacob Burtt
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Kevan Barissi
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Drew Baker
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