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The MC202 is our flag ship model that has been in production for multiple years.  This machine runs up to 64 cases per hour and is extremely simple to operate, maintain and service. Our competitors require 4 to 5 operators to handle a packaging session. We built our machine to allow you to package with 2-3 operators while only adding an additional 15 minutes to the session. This is a much more sustainable pace. We also simplified the clean in place process, speeding up set-up and tear down.  As a result, our machine is robust, takes up a small foot print, is easy to operate, economical both in initial purchase price and operating labor cost and simply is a solid work horse. We are the first company to offer a pre-rinse can cleaning system option. Each can is rinsed before it is Co2 purged and filled.  An accumulation conveyor holds approximately 3 cases upstream from the rinse package, allowing for a leisurely pace at the load area.

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ELF 50 Label Applicator Kit

ELF 50 Labelers can be purchased directly from Pack Leader USA. To easily apply your pressure sensitive label, place the labeler on one of our wash down carts and feed it with one of our Kick-Off kits, used to meter can flow. The ELF 50 unit only accommodates 12 oz cans. If you prefer to run both 12 oz. and 16 oz. cans, a PL501 can be purchased and does not require a stand or a Kick-Off kit.

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Pak-Tech Handle Applicator

Our automatic Pak-Tech handle applicator allows for 12 oz or 16 oz. operation. Simply load the magazine with either a 4 pack or a 6 pack Pak-Tech, and finished packaged units come out the end.

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The MC1000 answers the needs of our larger companies who require fill rates upwards of 140 cases per hour. This machine can be purchased as a "half" unit and later upgraded to the back-to-back configuration shown in the rendering above. Fourth quarter 2017 is target completion date of the Beta model.  This model will be tested at New Holland Brewery. Due to the speed of this unit we are also developing a large accumulation / simple de-palletization system to feed it.  The powered twist rinse system will insure that every can gets clean, unlike the gravity systems found on our competitor’s systems. Our approach with a dual out system is unique in that you can run one or two different products at the same time. The lines have completely redundant controls to give you the ultimate flexibility.

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Date Code Options

We offer two date code option kits for your line.   The first option is an HP45 ink jet printer that will print anywhere on the VERTICAL perimeter of the can. The kit is purchased from us, the unit you must purchase directly from Webber Packaging, and once assembled, it is ready for immediate use.  This is a very easy to use unit that requires very little maintenance. The second option allows you to print on the UNDERSIDE of the can.  The Kick Off kit, purchased from us, is used in conjunction with Webber Packaging, which you must purchase directly from Superior Case Coding. The printer comes with its own stand and trigger switch.  While another great option, it does require additional maintenance and clean up time.

Microcanner has found that Webber Packaging Offers a great date code option for the price. Contact Paul for pricing: pjohnson@weberpackaging.com

If you are ordering a coding option, let us know so we can include a quote for the appropriate integration package.